Gray Dawn



(Every Winter Ends With Spring-  my digital music composition)


Gray Dawn

Curtains open to another dreary Winter day.

Everywhere I look, there’s tints and shades of gray.

Even the graying lonely moon drowsily lingers,

held in a wizen tree’s gray branch fingers.

Indifferent gray-on-gray clouds swiftly pass by

like gray sea-storm waves that fill the sky.

Unmoved gray-green cedars meet the dawn

waiting for slow low wind whispers just to yawn.

Dark gray shadows stretch across pale gray snow,

lounging, bored and lazy, ‘till it’s time to go.


February 24, 2008


Lunar Eclipse

(Still Silence-  my digital music composition)



Lunar Eclipse

Frosted door open to a cold Winter night,

I stare, transfixed, on scene surreal…

Stark white snow tree-stitched to sky,

clear black space of unseen light,

eyes seek higher sense to feel…

The moon’s bare beauty makes me sigh

with wonder at the vivid sight

as shadow creeps across to steal

the borrowed robe of bright sunlight.

I gaze so long…I know not why

the vision seems unreal…

At last, I close the frosted door

to sleep and dream once more.


February 22, 2008



Snowbound dawn of a new ‘Family Day’,

no urgent need to dress and go,

I sip hot coffee in solitary silence,

paused in luxuries of a borrowed life.

Lush plants, plush rugs, cushioned chairs,

sleeping fireplace, sleeping dog…

I wonder where the toaster sleeps?

Outside, the lake’s an austere setting

to snow-clad cedars and ragged birch,

their boughs and bark in frenzied motion,

yet going nowhere, snowbound like me.

Snow swirls in air, spiraling here and there.

I see it mimic the spiral designs

on ribbon and plant pots placed inside.

(How did I know? I quietly ask myself.

I’d spoken of spirals, energies and designs,

before the spiral jump of this here and now.

Time appears linear, yet is not, and so…)

Snowflakes dance up and down and around

in whirling pirouettes of mesmerizing beauty.

Strong winds swiftly lift and carry them

in a graceful ballet of elegant motion.

Sculptured dunes of frozen water waves

gently shape-shift as stroking air brushes

snow on snow on snow…

The drifts grow higher; paths disappear.

Family and ploughs and shovels are coming,

but for now, I can dream-dance freely

with the snow of a snowbound day.

shelley wilson—‘ariel-shelley’

February 18, 2008

Winter Night

Winter Night

How still the silent night,

sky clad in shades of gray,

moon-charmed with mystic light

that flees with break of day.

So still the sleeping land

hid ‘neath the shadowed snow

like resting desert sand

caressed by moonlit glow.

Now still the dreaming lake

spell-bound till kiss of Spring

when it shall reawaken

to hear all Nature sing.

Tonight I sit and ponder,

thoughts robed in Winter white,

peaceful, awe-struck wonder,

still and silent as I write.

shelley wilson—‘ariel-shelley’

February 29, 2008

Kenogami Lake

Winter Visitation


(Writing Poetry-  my digital music composition)


Winter Visitation

Still, silent snow seen through a window,

white shrouds folded and smooth upon the land…

As snow descends from burdened clouds,

I read a story, plain before me…

“Let it snow,” the snowman said

to snowwife and children of snow.

“Our hearts are cold; emotions frozen.

Even together, we stand or lay alone.

We are the ghosts of haunted castles,

abandoned loneliness of ice and stone.

We haunt ourselves with fears of lack,

as in a past long dead and gone.

Frugal with kindness, we gave little

to ourselves, and to others, well even less…

None mourned our indifferent passing,

our frigid Winter’s visitation,

our bodies now buried deep beneath snow.

Let it snow…let it snow…let it snow…”


February 17, 2008