Winter Visitation


(Writing Poetry-  my digital music composition)


Winter Visitation

Still, silent snow seen through a window,

white shrouds folded and smooth upon the land…

As snow descends from burdened clouds,

I read a story, plain before me…

“Let it snow,” the snowman said

to snowwife and children of snow.

“Our hearts are cold; emotions frozen.

Even together, we stand or lay alone.

We are the ghosts of haunted castles,

abandoned loneliness of ice and stone.

We haunt ourselves with fears of lack,

as in a past long dead and gone.

Frugal with kindness, we gave little

to ourselves, and to others, well even less…

None mourned our indifferent passing,

our frigid Winter’s visitation,

our bodies now buried deep beneath snow.

Let it snow…let it snow…let it snow…”


February 17, 2008


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