The Crows of Essex


Vision (my digital music composition)


The Crows of Essex had Just Cause

to warn Species-Man’s destructive state,

awakening alarms of impending Fate.

Out of the Divine Mystery they came,

holy black Messengers of God the Glorious All.

Winged Messengers of Mysteries,

the Crows of Essex boldly ‘cawlled’

forth a great and wondrous Gathering

to join the Realms of ‘Is’ and ‘Was’ and ‘Will Be’.

They ‘cawlled’ the Seers to shed their fears,

to rise on Wings of Love for Earth-

to speak ‘What Is’, ‘What Was’, ‘What Will Be’.

Timeline Mysteries, the Power to Change,

the Better Ways, the Will to Live and Grow-

a Fearless World the Crows ‘cawlled’ forth

from Realms of ‘Is’, and ‘Was’, and ‘Will Be’.

– March 5, 2009