The Prejudices of Geography (3) (my digital music composition)
Stretch your mind for a minute
far, far into the depths of space.
Then look back to your home planet
and ever-warring human race.
Stretch your heart for a minute
far, far deep into inner space.
Then bring back Spirit’s Love-Wisdom to
an ever-warring human race.
October 25, 2009

Soul-Dining With Flowers

(Tulips Dance and Bow-  my digital music composition)
artistic arrangements,
each bouquet a little garden
of precious leaves
and flowers of wonder…
each bouquet a gift of Nature-
Life nurturing Life
in fleeting, eternally changing,
countless, glorious forms…
quantum mysteries-
environment builders
creating, transforming, evolving…
Soul, bring your Heart and Mind
hungry to the table-
see the flowers and leaves anew…
eat up all their colors-
savor every shape and texture-
slowly drink their beauty in
and feel the awe of Life again.
October 24, 2009

Little Forget-Me-Nots

(Those Held Dear-  my digital music composition)
Watercolor words flower
in tiny blossoms here and there,
scattered joys and gathered sorrows,
‘forget-me-nots’ of love and care.
So fleeting are these flowers,
words and blossoms ‘come and gone’,
fleeting lives so soon forgotten
yet we, as Life, continue on.
 October 12, 2009