The Stars Invite

The Stars Invite

(Universe One-  my digital music composition)

I have always loved the Stars

that light the endless paths of Space.

I ever long to travel and explore

my passion for the Great Unknown.

Like Hatshepsut, I rest beneath the Stars,

symbols on a ceiling above my humble bed.

I lie beneath the Stars and laugh at Death,

surrounded by treasures of latest travels

to leave to children who call me ‘Mummy’.

Singing strange songs that still resonate,

the Stars invite to stretch my limits

to frequencies spiraling inward and outward-

Life’s Energy moving in every direction.

With child-like heart, I delight to wonder,

Which way now?’ and ‘What Adventure awaits?’

January 23, 2010


The Guide


Yesterday’s ‘right’ is often tomorrow’s ‘wrong’

and today’s ‘wrong’, tomorrow’s ‘right’.

Truths shift like dunes drifting sand.

Deeper truths lay beneath the land.

Once ‘impossible’ becomes demonstrable.

Yesterday’s fiction becomes clear fact.

‘Final Answers’ so understandable

mirage into Mysteries out of sight.

Quantum Questions change Horizons,

challenging Fear that ever derides

with condemning power to attack.

Yet though all, Love gently guides

the willing Thought and Word and Act.

January 3, 2010