(Every Winter Ends With Spring-  my digital music composition)


Once again the Seasons change.

Winter’s white shroud weighs heavy

on dead leaves and frozen flowers

buried in Canada’s vast land of ice and snow.

Yet Spring comes early to where I live.

Today, Victoria and I walk leisurely

among visiting crowds so eager to see

her scattered rainbows of flowers,

rain-jewelled shrubs, ever-festive holly,

towering guard trees, favoured paths,

and wave-kissed coastal shores.

Everywhere we look, there are cameras

opening their eyes wide

to view the feasts of visual splendour.

I stroll along lush green grass

and watch in silence and wonder

as Victoria smiles with gracious poses.

Queen with a flower-gemmed crown,

this Spirit of Spring, my companion,

walks leisurely with me.


  Victoria, B.C. December, 2010

May your Spirit shine brightly, Shelley


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