Gender Plus

Love In Life

Gender Plus
We are all ONE. We are ALL one.
The elegant truth is ‘We are ALL ONE’,
a unity in diversity, expressions of ONE.
Human diversity- beautiful differences–
differences, not ‘superiorities’, enriching Life
are treasures of experience, divine creations,
evidence of Life’s Self-sustaining Purpose
and It’s Self-revealing Intelligence.
Forms evolve and change, sudden or slow…
New creations are birthed from old
through aeons of cycles untold.
We are the stardust ‘aware’.
Energy as Matter constantly recycles,
and continually transforms.
Life is continuous Creation and Re-Creation–
the Evolution of the Great Cosmic Drama.
So, here we are, Life’s novice Co-Creators,
living a short while on little Planet earth.
How did we come to War over differences?
The battles of Gender, power struggles,
prejudices, abuses, and oppressions
darken the history of Evolution here.
Sense of superiority is a folly of ignorance.
Sense of superiority is a folly of ignorance.
Gender is just a cloak of the Soul.
Masculine males and masculine females,
feminine males and feminine females,
innate and adaptive sexuality,
age, race, intelligence,
color, size, and shape–
differences of Gender Plus–
none ‘better’ just ‘different’
divine creations- ALL of us!!
(Shelley Wilson April 26, 2011)

May your Spirit shine brightly,Shelley