Gender Justice

Tears on a Rose

(Gender Justice Rebirthed-  my digital music composition)


Inspired to say

what’s clear and true,

may you see now

what I see too.

Your fear enslaves me.

Your fear denies me

Basic Human Rights.

God values me

no less than you.

Your love frees me.

Your love

ensures me

Basic Human Rights.

God blesses me

no less than you.

The truth is

The truth is

we’re all


we’re all


We are Spirit.

We are Energy beings.

We are Divine Creations

of our Creator,

Life Itself,

experiencing Itself,

re-cycling, re-birthing,

re-newing, re-balancing,

re-evolving Itself in constant


…God is…Life…


June 2011


(The oppression, repression, and supression of Women

by any Culture, any Religion, or any Political System under

the pretext of `protection, or `security`is clearly seen by

intelligent Humans as a blatantly unholy, denigrating prejudice, and

unjust discrimination by fearful Men and fearfully compliant

Women in any century, including our own. It is simply a Freedom

denying Power and Control issue that any highly evolved and highly

intelligent Civilization would not create.Where there is a will there is a way.)


Gender Justice

2 thoughts on “Gender Justice

  1. I tried to type out the shape of this inspiration but it kept turning into `scrambled eggs`when posted so I decided to scan the original as a photo attachment and also type in the text as this format requires. This is an example of where need beckons for creatively imaginative methods, means, ways, and tools for positive change in communication and governance.


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