Vancouver Island View





(Writing Poetry-  my digital music composition)



By far the fairest in the land,

snow-white Mount Baker floats-

a towering, ethereal castle cloud-

over distant curves and layers

of hazy, blue-gray horizons.

Romancing midsummer sunlight,

a breeze ripples water with delight

as spell-bound white sailboats

move dreamily in a slow dance

beyond the rocky, sea-grass beach.

I press magic buttons and

our side-windows yawn.

I turn my magic key.

The car engine quiets.

Conversation stops.

Fairy-dust in the breeze invites

silent reverie and dreams.

Eyes close, guards down, we rest-

two sleeping beauties-

on the Isle’s enchanting shore.


July, 25, 2011


May your Spirit shine brightly,Shelley


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