(Close Your Eyes and Ride the Stream-  my digital music composition)


I look in the telling mirror and say,
“Who is this person looking back at me?
Who is this, with an old and wrinkled face,
this scarred and aged body I now see?”
Not long ago, I cried with needs, my baby tears.
Not long ago, my heart-mind danced in childhood’s laughter.
My youth felt endless, desires were clear and bright.
The fat and lean years of speeding pace
recorded on skin of aging bodies I have worn,
(every few years completely transformed),
now rest in selective memory as I stand here.
I recall other lifetimes, other bodies as well.
Not long ago, I cried another baby’s tears.
Not long ago, I had another child’s laugh.
Not long ago, my youth felt endless.
We are all ever-new versions of ourselves,
still recognized but never as years before
in the magical illusions of Time and Space.
We live in ever-changing human bodies, one with all
in Life’s Spirit and Essence, remembered or not.
We co-create our forms, day by day,
feeding our triune being, nurtured here or not.
We exercise our bodies, our minds, our souls,
announcing who we are in all we say and do,
declaring our Now-Self, welcomed or not.
This here, this Earth, this human race
shall someday change, shall pass away,
yet we shall live, our eternal souls
shall choose new forms in which to live (or not).
Then perhaps, I shall look in a mirror and say,
“Who is this being looking back at me?”
as God’s Light twinkles in my knowing eyes.

 August 22, 2011



May your Spirit shine brightly,Shelley


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