Illuminating Our World

Gender Justice Rebirthed (my digital music composition)

Illuminating Our World

What say we, the people,
living our burdened, brain-washed lives,
giving away our inherent freedoms and rights
to slavish fears, false security, lies, and spies?
What say we, the people,
still dying in strategized ‘war games’
of conflicts carefully planned to control or kill-
mass murders, addictions, diseases to target and cull?
What say we, the people,
to the hidden few atop the pyramid of power
creating the dramas of our collective fate,
a World enslaved to obey and do their will?
I say, “We are all one.”
I say, “We inherit what we create.”
The impoverished many and the wealthiest few
shall all be reborn to know this too.
This Truth is true light to illuminate
dark forces and blind shadows that serve
those who would enslave our World.
Rebirth lifts up the lowly and makes low the high.
Spirit sees and knows every thought and plan
devised and enacted through the mind of Man.
Life lights the way. Where Love is strong, all fear is gone.

October 10, 2011

May your Spirit shine brightly, Shelley


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