The Whirlpool


(Peace Project-  my digital music composition)


The Whirlpool of Hatred-Violence-Revenge



Beware the Whirlpool in the Stream of Life!
Watch as it swirls in contention and strife!
Caught in the eddy, so many backward turn!
To destruction they go as the waters churn!

Discordant Religions
speak ‘love’ then ‘kill’,
beliefs that do harm,
claiming ‘God’s will’.

Wealth of deadly weapons,
untold powers of so few…
mass murders justified,
World crises ‘on cue’…

Paranoia, lies, and Techno-spying
proliferates Global insanity.
Only LOVE will say, “ENOUGH!!!
What is THIS? Humanity!”

“Rise from your slavery
to a deity with such needs,
and all that which empowers
Fear for gains and for greed.”

“Let go of Yesterday’s gods
of vengeance, violence, and hate.
BE the Love that UPLIFTS!
BE the Hope of your Fate.”

The Universe listens.
The Heavens await.
Make THAT shift to rebirth
for a World we ALL co-create.
1980’s and October 17, 2011

May your Spirit shine brightly, Shelley


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