Remembrance Day


(Our Remembrance Day-  my digital music composition)


Remembrance Day

Let us remember
all who’ve died in war,
anytime, anywhere…
all who’ve suffered in war,
anytime, anywhere…
We have forgotten something…
Let us remember
those who’ve paid ‘the price’,
that hell-forged coin
of victory and loss,
two-sided and yet still one…
We have forgotten something…
Let us remember
why we fought for rights,
why we fought for freedoms,
or why we fought for others’ glory,
for the glory of their wealth and power…
We have forgotten something…
Let us remember
why we fought for love or fear,
the sacrifice of those held dear,
how violent death meant ‘problem solved’,
and acceptance meant ‘uninvolved’…
We have forgotten something…
Let us remember
what we are forgetting still,
our primitive species of ‘fight and kill’
can evolve to see itself as one,
the Life of our life, though many, as one.
We choose to empower fear or love,
destroying ourselves or rising above
differences, finding values that unite,
enriching all with wise insight…
A world of love or world of fear…
a collective choice
empowered by your choice and mine…
harmonious unity or hostile division,
goodwill action or hateful derision
fuelling feuds that rage through time…
The history of our past is clear,
a shout, a scream, a silent tear…
What fate shall we now create
from our collective mental state?
Shall we repeat, repeat what came before,
dysfunctional patterns and beliefs, or,
open our hearts and minds to better ways
to lighten our lives and brighten our days?
Let us remember ever and always,
‘We are all one.’
Shelley Wilson
11 a.m. November 11, 2011

May your Spirit shine brightly,Shelley


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