Magnificent Mystery

Magnificent Mystery

We are all ONE,

all that is of this Earth

and beyond…far, far beyond…

ONE Life Force, ONE Energy,

The Everything.

Awaken to who we are!!!

We are all ONE,

all that breathes

in it’s own way

through Time and Space

as Nature-united and diverse-

creating, evolving in varied pace.

We ARE the Universe!!!

We are all ONE,

every atom, everywhere,

all part of The Everything.

Every element, every resource,

every thought ever thought,

is our Energy shared

in The Everywhere.

We are the Universe

from sands of Earth to distant Star,

space travel of Techno-Talk inventions,

rippling laughter to speed of thought.

We are constant Change and

simultaneous Cycles repeating,

repeating, as Energy recycles

all Death to Rebirth…

We are The Everything

seen and unseen…seen and unseen…

Quantum Belly-dancing, we move

through many veiled Dimensions.

Our fleeting forms

and changing species of Earth

and beyond…far, far beyond…

may dominate a moment

in the Ever-Now-When,

aggressing, hoarding, killing…

Yet this too shall pass

as Love embraces Fear

in the dramas of our co-creation.

Light sees through the Darkness clear

in the Heart and Mind

explored and mined

undersea, underground,

above and beyond…far, far beyond…

Boldly daring to face our Unknown,

we shall Remember and Know-

with ever growing Awareness,

Freedom, Joy, and Love-

That It Is all ONE Energy,

This That We Are.

Magnificent Mystery!!!

March 18, 2012

Shelley Wilson

May your Spirit shine brightly,Shelley

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