The Invitation

Just Be-Cause (my digital music composition)

The Invitation
Tammy’s in the Hen House,
her cherished `Taj Mahal`,
seeing Love through every window,
feeling Love in every wall.
Tammy`s Hen House is a wonder-
the finest in the land.
There`s no grander Hen House
built by the human hand!!
Her Hens are noble Ladies…
Cluck and peck, cluck and peck…
Tammy`s in their pecking order…
Cluck and peck, cluck and peck…
The Rooster watches warily
through the windows clear.
When Tammy’s in the Hen House
all the eggs just disappear!!
Mr. Rooster rules the Hen House
as he struts and crows a while,
guarding his fair Ladies,
Tammy says with wink and smile.
You’re invited to the Hen House,
Tammy’s cherished ‘Taj Mahal’,
to see Love through every window,
and feel Love in every wall.
April, 2012
Shelley Wilson

May your Spirit shine brightly,Shelley


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