Happy Birthday


(Fragile Thread-  my digital music composition)


Happy Birthday!!!!

**My Four Wishes For You**

*May you see what others cannot see.

(Know the Oneness connecting all Life.)

*May you hear what others cannot hear.

(Observe your continual conversation with Life.)

*May you live a long life.

(Let go of judgments to embrace Love and Respect

for every stage of Life in your ever-changing body.)

*May you seek the powers of self-mastery, excel in

your artistry, and rejoice in the beautiful freedoms

of ‘imperfections’.

(Feel the true joy of co-creating happy imperfections

with your Creator, Life Itself.)

Best Wishes,


May, 2012

May your Spirit shine brightly,Shelley


One thought on “Happy Birthday

  1. Many thanks to those who may like this. It isn’t poetry of course so now I’ll have to come up with a new Journal title. Poetry and Other Inspirations perhaps. Do you ever feel the desire to stretch and grow beyond the windowbox you’ve planted yourself in once you feel firmly rooted? Perhaps I’ll move in the direction of fusing my poetry with prose and see what unfolds…


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