(My Time Your Time-  my digital music composition)


Gone the measured moments,
the gamut of human emotions,
causes and devotions,
exploration of human senses,
challenges of health defences.
Gone bank accounts and begging bowls,
majestic mansions and cardboard homes,
secret armies of watchers and spies,
freedoms won and lost in truths and lies.
Gone the myriad dreams and schemes,
intellect’s elitist walls and towers,
pride of nations, might of powers,
sumptuous feasts, famine and pain,
population controls, genocide tolls,
robotic lives of profit and gain.
In an instant, it’s all gone.
Acquisitions and achievements,
actions sparked by love or fears,
technologies prolonging years,
nothing matters in an instant.
Richest of rich, poorest of poor,
we must leave behind our flesh and bones,
leave behind what we hold dear.
What shall be said of our measured moments
when all we love or hate shall disappear?
What shall be said of the power and wealth
of so few amidst the millions of starving too?
Time turns all treasures to relics and dust.
Our selfish ambitions and goals at any cost
fade into fictions and twisted histories unclear,
laws and values changed, languages lost.
Ah, but our Life itself never dies.
Of Earth, or beyond, Life never dies.
The Energy of Life is pure Love and Light,
the essence of all to inner sight.
Life’s Spirit will choose yet another disguise.
Awareness shifts from our Higher State.
Reborn new beginnings, the infant cries.
Forms transformed by Nature or engineered,
we inherit the World which we co-create,
re-birthed to that Legacy some call Fate.

Shelley Wilson (June 10, 2012)

May your Spirit shine brightly,Shelley



Life I Am Aware


(Close Your Eyes and Ride the Stream-  my digital music composition)

Life I Am Aware

Be-Love-d Spirit
Life everlasting
Life everchanging
Divine Energy
everywhere present
in everything
in everyone
as everything
as everyone
visible invisible
Quantum Energy
Cosmic Energy
appearing disappearing
appearing disappearing
That Which Is
genderless Source
Creative Spirit
Creative Process
Creative Energy
evolving Creation
creating dissolving
creating dissolving
Divine Energy
Life everchanging
Life everlasting
Be-Love-d Spirit
Life I am aware…

(June 10, 2012)

May your Spirit shine brightly, Shelley