The Peony, The Rose, The Tulip

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The Peony

lush blossom opens

a pink vortex draws me in

oneness bliss serene

The Rose

a white rose opens

the mind quiets and grows still

now I am the rose

The Tulip

tulips awaken

last year’s death now this year’s birth

I too am reborn

Shelley Wilson

July 1, 2012

5 thoughts on “The Peony, The Rose, The Tulip

    • Many thanks!! It gave me such a wonderful feeling matching these poems I was inspired to write yesterday with photos I took before, then magnifying this feeling with the process of sharing…all of which you, and so many others here in WordPress, surely experience as well…creating just for the love of it.


    • Thanks for the encouragement!! I have much to learn about haiku, haigu, and poetry in general but that doesn’t stop me from creating my own ideas and versions of it all. Sometimes love just has to leap over the rules…even love of poetic expression, so here I go jumping into the vortex again. Hope to see you there too.


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