The Country Cottage

Fragile Thread (my digital music composition)

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The Country Cottage

What is this magic that inspires and charms?
The smell of herbs and spices float in air
around painted fruit and florals here and there.
Quiet and calm, the busy pace slowed down,
we are invited to just simply ‘Be’.
No clocks-Time is measured by songbirds now.
What is the charm of a Country Cottage
if not the gathered flowers and plants inside
where Nature and Harmony abide
amidst furnishings creating a Home.
Light and shadows, changing colours entertain.
What is the charm of a Country Cottage
if not the flowers, grasses, vines, and trees
that enchant with Beauty’s power to please
the Soul and Senses awakened to Life.
Gone is the world of greed and endless strife,
beliefs that kill, and all-consuming ‘need’.
This life in a Country Cottage is rich indeed…
Earth in the Heavens… and Heaven on Earth.

July 27, 2012

May your Spirit shine brightly,Shelley

4 thoughts on “The Country Cottage

    • Many thanks for the generous words! I used Corel’s photoshop to make these photos I took look more artistic. Yes, I admit I’d have to tuck a computer in between the plants even in this idyllic cottage of my dreams.


  1. Thanks David! It’s just a matter of timing before I manifest this cottage that is already constructed in my thoughts along with the Heaven within me I already have. When I moved to Victoria I asked the Universe to provide some very specific furniture free of charge and I actually received these in a curious way within a week.


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