A Little Child At Play (my digital music composition)

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Where is the golden light of the morning
I remember so well
that I played with as a little child
before the school bell called.

Where is the softer light I knew
in childhood’s slower summer days
before the haste of schedules
and anxious adult ways.

When did the daylight turn so harsh.
When did the sky become less blue
and wondrous clouds become less white.
When did bright sunsets dull their hues.

How did sunlit dandelions I so loved
become unwanted, noxious weeds
only good to hunt and kill.
Gone, the radiant joy of their seeds.

When did my crayons begin to lie.
Why, as the hours move ever faster,
do children look greyed and jaded
in a world of ‘disaster to disaster’.

Why do we ‘need’ SO much more than others.
Why do we ‘feed’ anger and fear
to gain a planet of deadly weapons,
evil intent, and ‘dark lords’ here.

What if we choose to change direction.
What if we choose to own this day,
giving children golden mornings,
turning from the darker way.

Shelley Wilson
July 30, 2012

May your Spirit shine brightly,Shelley


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