A Work In Progress

my drawing and embroidery

Close Your Eyes And Ride The Stream (my digital music composition)

A Work In Progress

I pick up my embroidery
begun when I was young.
Before I’m gone I’ll pass along
what has inspired me.

I am risen from the Sea-
a Tree of Life arisen-
rooted in Earth’s Great Deep,
growing leaves in Heaven.
You ask ‘How can this be?
-for we are left to weep
those held in Death’s Great Sleep.’

I say ‘Weep not, nor fear.
Like seed to flower to fruit,
each different yet the same-
like babe to youth to aged,
each different yet the same-
your Life’s form will ever change.
Why is a new Life’s form so strange?’

‘Your body is like clothes you wear,
revealing neglect or showing care.
You take them off. You put them on.
You wear some short. You wear some long.’

‘Life’s Mystery unfolds each day,
transforming Life in every way.
Your Life is Life is Energy,
God’s own Beloved Mystery.’

‘Many have spoken in God’s Name,
making judgments, fear, and strife,
but God says plainly God is Life!
Life Itself is the Process Divine
using tools of Space and Time-
a Micro-Macro Process sublime.
In this creating, evolving Process,
we are simply A Work In Progress.’

A few stitches more before I’m done
my perfect imperfection.
I’ve given it my best
before I’m laid to rest.
Yet, there’s ever another poem in me
with my next Life form’s embroidery.

Shelley Wilson August 26, 2012

May your Spirit shine brightly, Shelley


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