about your good health and well-being

I hope you’ll take a few minutes to watch these Discovery Channel and Holistic Health videos about the moringa oleifera tree . These trees have and can save many from malnutrition all over the world including Africa…maybe even us in the fat and undernourished West. Amazon.ca sells 1 lb bags of leaves for about 17.00 a bag with 4.00 for shipping in Canada but I don’t know what quality they are…the second video explains what to look for. You can pay as much as 90.00 a month for only 15 gram packets from some companies that want you to sign up and sell too but there are less expensive ways to get healthy such as the amazon suppliers. The benefits of these moringa oleifera trees have been known for centuries. Why are millions starving to death when these trees are easy to grow and maintain I have to wonder. ??? regards, Shelley (if you can’t go through these links just go to youtube and key in moringa oleifera)

May your Spirit shine brightly,Shelley



R U AWARE (my digital music composition)

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r u aware & do u care?
our language is shrinking
ever faster, faster, faster
abbreviating reason to extinction
as our patience now is shrinking
ever faster, faster, faster
using language rude and crude
angry gestures rude and crude…
r u aware & do u care?
the culture of our society
aspiring to dumb & dumber, dumb & dumber
is now fashioned by pornography
making everyone an ass
making everyone an ass
dumb & dumber, dumb & dumber
easier to control, easier to control…
r u aware & do u care?
hypnotized masses watch
as media feeds violence, scripted ‘realities’
& entertainers frivolous lives
while millions slowly starve
by intention & neglect
cruel & crueler, cruel & crueler
death & suffering entertainment
cruel& crueler, cruel & crueler…
r u aware & do u care?
our freedoms are shrinking
ever faster, ever faster
fingerprinting freedom to extinction-
devaluing lives in greater numbers
no common cents, no common sense
democracy becomes a sham
before all see that it is gone
for false security, it is gone
with scripted threats, it is gone…
‘wAkey-wAkey’ little children!
we’ve let in the clones
and the implants have just begun
cameras everywhere, everywhere
ever more, ever more
robot people watching people
brainwashed people everywhere
easier to control, easier to control…
Are YOU aware and do YOU care?

 (September, 2012)

May your Spirit shine brightly, Shelley