Global Oneness Day- October 24th



(‘We Are All One’  my digital music composition)


Global Oneness Day- October 24th

Do you hear the birds singing,
each in their own way
announcing the coming of
Global Oneness Day?
Such sweet and solemn singing
is graced with notes of fun
as growing numbers gather,
declaring ‘We are one!’
Shall we be more loving?
Shall we be more kind?
Shall we be more giving
with caring hearts and minds?
Let’s celebrate our Spirit
before the Day is done,
singing of Life’s oneness-
declaring ‘We are one!’
Hear the many messengers,
each in their own way
announcing the coming of
Global Oneness Day.

Shelley Wilson
October 18, 2012

May your Spirit shine brightly, Shelley


7 thoughts on “Global Oneness Day- October 24th

    • Thanks for the positive feedback David. Much appreciated! We can be among the many to spread good will around the globe by focusing on unity in diversity. The combined energy of many such thoughts can create a better world.


    • I truly appreciate your comment and your poetry as well. You can also find more about Global Oneness Day by looking up Humanity’s Team on Facebook. There are a growing number of people asking the UN for official recognition of this Day.


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