Remembrance Day & The War on Freedom


Our Remembrance Day (my digital composition)

Remembrance Day & The War on Freedom

Across all borders around the Earth,
the War on Freedom spreads-
a plague of deceit and lies,
festering wounds of fear and hate,
a world of false ‘security’ and spies.
A nightmare global state,
inhumane and enslaving,
is ruled by the wealthiest few
and the powers behind them too.
We have forgotten something.
God IS Freedom and so are we
remembering who we are,
remembering we are ALL one.
Separateness is an illusion.
Superiority is a delusion.
We’re all Souls just passing through,
gathering Experience as we go.
In all we think and say and do,
we co-create the lives we know.
(Do we think for ourselves
or just recycle programmed thoughts?
Do we exercise God-given rights
or always just obey?
Do we live in courage or in fear
in the few short years we’re here?)
With strength of courage we can say:
Fear shall not rule the nation of our heart,
nor terror command the world in which we live.
If in loss and death we play our part,
then our PRECIOUS lives we’ll gladly give.
Above racist and religious hate we MUST evolve,
united in our values of great worth-
a force for GOOD. Our determination and resolve
shall win its Victory on our Earth.
Flowers shall grow from tears that fall
on the ground of our grief and pain.
For Freedom’s Love we’ll give our all,
knowing that we shall rise again.
Another birth will bring us back
to this world of greed and needless lack,
distorted world views, and myths of old,
persecutions, and corruption’s hold.
If in loss and death we play our part,
then our PRECIOUS lives we’ll gladly give.
For Freedom’s Love we’ll give our all
knowing we shall EVER rise again.

(November 5, 2012—Shelley Wilson)

May your Spirit shine brightly, Shelley


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