Choosing Our Future



Peace Project (my digital music composition)

Choosing Our Future

In the Great Hall of Anonymity,
the Altar of Modesty
lies covered, lies covered
with the names and deeds
and blood of many millions
taught to sing the praises
of a man named Mao,
sing praises to the glories
of a man named Mao.
No one mentions
‘The Great Contradiction’-
Mao and Modesty, that is…
No one mentions the madness
of so many dead Sparrows,
the deadly harvest demanded
of Nature’s Children,
and of China’s Children,
all precious lives sacrificed
to the hidden Wealth, Power,
and Agenda
of so very, very few.
Elitism adores Collectivism,
the Power
of absolute authority-
unquestioning obedience-
mass conformity and control.
Its Legacy, everywhere, is ever
death and destruction,
sacrifice and suffering untold…
Does its ‘Modesty’ deny these deeds?
No TRUE ‘Common Good’
of Politics, Religion, or Philosophy
ever stood in the Chamber
of Horror, Terror, and Fear.
Elitism creates and arms
endless games of War,
and ‘solutions’,
games of pain and need and misery
played on our little Planet here.
This ‘ism’
is not bound
to Capitalism, Communism, Socialism,
or any other ‘ism’ found
in Politics, Religion, or Philosophy,
yet uses all to its own ends.
One World Government?
Domination is NOT Oneness and Unity.
‘Superiority’ is simply Delusion.
‘Separateness’ is just an Illusion.
Domination is NOT Oneness and Unity.
Isn’t it time we let go and lose
beliefs and fear-based world views?
We can evolve, if we so choose,
to where we clearly know and see

(Shelley Wilson, November 12, 2012)

May your Spirit shine brightly,Shelley


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