We Are


One (my digital music composition)

We Are

We are All One-
‘victims’ and ‘villains’,
‘powerful’ and ‘powerless’,
richest to poorest,
famous, infamous, anonymous…
Immortal Humanity
ever reborn…
We are All One-
healthy, and not,
in body, mind, and emotion,
a constant flux
of ever changing,
ever rippling, creative
Vibrational Energies…
We are All One-
(Spirit)-Life manifesting
as atoms and cells,
elements and numbers,
dancing waves and particles
appearing and disappearing
multi-dimensional Being
creating and evolving…
We are All One-
part of The All,
Universal Life Energy,
‘Light’ and ‘Dark’ Energy
in us, in all,
in everything
of the Eternal Moment Now..

Shelley Wilson
November 17, 2012

May your Spirit shine brightly, Shelley


2 thoughts on “We Are

  1. Many thanks! I am always in awe of the wonder of Life. The more we learn about ourselves, about Life and the interconnecting Oneness, the more the Great Mystery grows and grows and grows! So many have built a bridge of awareness between Science and Sacred Science to enlighten us all.


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