Love This Earth

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‘Love This Earth’ (my digital music composition)


O Life, how I do love this Earth,
this precious Planet of our birth.
Guide us to the proper care
for healthy water, soil, and air.
Help us to truly understand
effects of our ‘Consumer Demand’
and our Responsibility
for healthy water, air, and land.
Help us see the connecting Links
of our World Views and how we think-
trading toxicities and destroying lives-
as unintelligent and unwise.
Fools say “Who cares about the rest!”
Yet every toxin we create
is our own Legacy and Fate.
Life recycles, so we’ll ingest,
breathe, absorb, and bodily store
toxic energies- more and more.
Chemical warfare in food and drink
is much more common than we think.
Frequency warfare now abounds-
destructive Sciences all around
this little Globe, our Planet Earth.
Why has our Humanity here
created so much pain and fear?
Every Harm that we create
is our own Legacy and Fate.
Is this ‘intelligence’ we see
greater than Fox or Crow or Bee?
Is our ‘wisdom’, seen as fact,
just foolish self-destructive acts?
True Intelligence understands
all Life- in water, air, and land-
all Life- on water, in air, and on land-
of this Planet orbiting the Sun
exists because It’s All One.
O Life, how I do love this Earth,
this precious Planet of our birth.
Guide us to the proper care
and healing of US Everywhere!

Shelley Wilson (January 27, 2013)

May your Spirit shine brightly,Shelley


A Multi-verse Grand Universe

A Multiverse Grand Universe (my digital music composition)

A Multi-verse Grand Universe?

Into Mystery we go.
We magnify.
We lift and leap
our boundaries to know.
We turn within
and search without
to understand
what Life’s about.
Still, the Mystery grows.
Quantum Science-Math-
and Cosmology…
We hasten to create
Languages of Symbols
to Communicate
what we’ve come to know
or boldly speculate.
Signs- and Maps-
Accumulated Answers
and Questions to explore…
Our Understanding grows
as our Awareness goes
beyond translated texts
written long ago.
The God that’s ‘He’
and before that ‘She’
is ‘Life The Process’ now,
and Every Time Is Now
on the Spindle of Eternity.
Life’s Energies transform.
Every Living Form
and Life not yet defined
by the Human Mind
ever moves to Change
in Magical Transitions.
Our ‘either/or’s merge
into ‘both/and’s…
Simple or Complex…
Simple Complexity and
Complex Simplicity…
Definitions dissolve
and Intelligence demands
Intelligent explanations.
Every ‘one time’ truth
may be as true,
appearing once,
as multiple repetitions.
Life is ever, ever
Inventing, and
We see only through
limited views.
Yesterday’s Verities
now seen as Today’s
revealed Falsities
by changing perspectives
may morph Tomorrow too.
Still, the Universe grows.
Our Heavens and our Earth
are but One of Many,
Parallel and Diverse.
Fractal and Varied,
Worlds and Lives in
different Frequencies wait
beyond our exploration.
Endless Possibilities abound.
Even in This Here and Now,
we can ride the Deja Vu
of Time-lines
exploring Different Choice
as Real as our Reality.
We are more than only
brains and flesh and blood.
The Universe a Multi-verse?
The Process writes Itself
as Divine Esoteric Poetry,
Multi-dimensional Poems
in Multi-vibrational Frequencies
of veiled Realities
and dancing Galaxies,
Unity as Diversity.
A Multi-verse Grand Universe?
Still, the Mystery grows.
The growing Many are One.
Creating and Re-creating,
The Process continues on
and on and on and on…
Infinity laughs and goes on
in All Directions… on and on…
Awe…what Perfection!
Ah!!…what Wonder filled Fun!!!

Shelley Wilson (January, 2013)

May your Spirit shine brightly,Shelley

Writing Poetry


Writing Poetry (my digital music composition)

A page of hand-written poetry,
this magic flying carpet
for my exploring thoughts,
rests now upon sand coloured sheets.
Laden with cherished treasures
from adventures ‘midst Life’s Beauty
of ethereal worlds I sought,
it rests on shifting landscape bed.
Layered blankets drawn back
in folds and ripples feel
like sun-hot desert dunes.
Beneath these dunes my body stirs
where satin gold meets sand beige
merging fuzzy mirages
of shadowed brown and red.
There, at bed’s horizon,
a higher turn back mountain
too hot for weary feet
now guards unwritten pages.
Shall I stretch across these dunes
to claim another page?

Shelley Wilson
January, 2013
May your Spirit shine brightly, Shelley

Robot Food

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Robot Food (my digital music composition)

Robot Food

Your images/ your words/
your numbers/ your actions/
your life/
ever keyed/ ever clicked/
ever tapped/ ever voiced/
ever scanned/
Computer Food…

What are you feeding
tomorrow’s Robots today?

Your pictures/ your videos/
your actions/ your words/
your numbers/ your symbols/
your alphabets/ your sounds/
your life/
ethereal files and folders/
sent/ stored/ zipped/
unlocked/ junked/ deleted/
public/ private/
secrets/ revelations/
profound/ silly/
mundane/ sublime/
unfocused/ graphic/
inspiring/ crude/
every morsel/ every bite/
Computer Food…

Our images/ our words/
our numbers/ our actions/
our lives/ our world/
ever keyed/ ever clicked/
ever tapped/ ever voiced/
ever scanned/
Computer Food…

The Global Grocery Store
of Information/
Information for Generations/
Robot Food…
What are you feeding
tomorrow’s Robots today?

Shelley Wilson (January 7, 2013)

May your Spirit shine brightly, Shelley