A Multi-verse Grand Universe

A Multiverse Grand Universe (my digital music composition)

A Multi-verse Grand Universe?

Into Mystery we go.
We magnify.
We lift and leap
our boundaries to know.
We turn within
and search without
to understand
what Life’s about.
Still, the Mystery grows.
Quantum Science-Math-
and Cosmology…
We hasten to create
Languages of Symbols
to Communicate
what we’ve come to know
or boldly speculate.
Signs- and Maps-
Accumulated Answers
and Questions to explore…
Our Understanding grows
as our Awareness goes
beyond translated texts
written long ago.
The God that’s ‘He’
and before that ‘She’
is ‘Life The Process’ now,
and Every Time Is Now
on the Spindle of Eternity.
Life’s Energies transform.
Every Living Form
and Life not yet defined
by the Human Mind
ever moves to Change
in Magical Transitions.
Our ‘either/or’s merge
into ‘both/and’s…
Simple or Complex…
Simple Complexity and
Complex Simplicity…
Definitions dissolve
and Intelligence demands
Intelligent explanations.
Every ‘one time’ truth
may be as true,
appearing once,
as multiple repetitions.
Life is ever, ever
Inventing, and
We see only through
limited views.
Yesterday’s Verities
now seen as Today’s
revealed Falsities
by changing perspectives
may morph Tomorrow too.
Still, the Universe grows.
Our Heavens and our Earth
are but One of Many,
Parallel and Diverse.
Fractal and Varied,
Worlds and Lives in
different Frequencies wait
beyond our exploration.
Endless Possibilities abound.
Even in This Here and Now,
we can ride the Deja Vu
of Time-lines
exploring Different Choice
as Real as our Reality.
We are more than only
brains and flesh and blood.
The Universe a Multi-verse?
The Process writes Itself
as Divine Esoteric Poetry,
Multi-dimensional Poems
in Multi-vibrational Frequencies
of veiled Realities
and dancing Galaxies,
Unity as Diversity.
A Multi-verse Grand Universe?
Still, the Mystery grows.
The growing Many are One.
Creating and Re-creating,
The Process continues on
and on and on and on…
Infinity laughs and goes on
in All Directions… on and on…
Awe…what Perfection!
Ah!!…what Wonder filled Fun!!!

Shelley Wilson (January, 2013)

May your Spirit shine brightly,Shelley


2 thoughts on “A Multi-verse Grand Universe

  1. Indeed the manifold wonders of this universe are wondrous to behold, a tautology, I know… but the beauty and grandeur and majesty of it all boggles the human mind! And yet we taste it and partake in it, and it is all beautiful. Your poem says it all!


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