Like Butterfly and Bee

bee_Painting1 butterfly_Painting1

Like Butterfly and Bee

So many boring lawns
give me sighs and yawns.
Like Butterfly and Bee,
it’s Flowers that I seek.
Whenever they are found,
I stand on ‘holy ground’
in awe of what I see-
timeless Beauty before me.
These forms of priceless worth
are treasures of our Earth-
Life’s precious Flower and Seed
gifting our global need.
How barren would this Planet be
if not for Flowers of Plant and Tree
kissed by Beauty’s Butterfly and Bee?

Shelley Wilson
February 3, 2013
(Note: This poem leaps from boredom to awe to a question. Another
question arises. Where are the Shield Technologies and Inventions for
harmful Electromagnetic Frequencies created by our Modern
Technologies, especially Telecommunications, that are having an
increasingly devastating effect globally on Human health (particularly
cancers that cause great suffering and death) as well as harming other
Life-forms? Every action and inaction has individual and collective
consequences. Our health and well-being depends on the health and
well-being of this Planetary Biosphere in which Food-producing
Flowers and pollen-carrying Butterflies and Bees play such an
important part. It is a known fact that Humanity’s Technological
Electromagnetic Frequencies are having a disruptive and destructive
impact on the whole Biosphere. Everything is connected and
interdependent. Where are our protecting Shield Technologies and

May your Spirit shine brightly,Shelley


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