( ‘Water’ my digital music composition)

I walk in Clouds
who laugh and weep
their sorrows and joys
as loving Sunrays
and caring Moonbeams
dance the short days
round and round…
I walk in Showers
of Raindrops and Snowflakes
who whisper secrets
as they gently fall-
in Blizzards that blind
and freeze with indifference-
in fierce Storms that shout
with violent fury…
Water holds Memory,
blessings and curses,
clarity and pollution…
In countless lives
Water is Aware-
Aware of us in us as us
and so much more…
In Tides and Currents and Flows
Water moves in Bodies
great and small-
rises unseen and descends
with powers to transform
all that is immersed
in what It has become…
I walk in Rains
immersed in Water
within and beyond my skin
that once bordered Awareness,
grown borderless now
as Torrents and Floods
sweep away boundaries
and Human definitions…
I walk in Mists
of vaporous thoughts
infused with emotions-
wildly thunderous or
blissfully calm billows
of ever-changing Clouds
now here, now gone
as am I…
Water watches all
on little Planet Earth-
watches Landscapes
shift and change,
Water and Land
advancing, receding
over and over again…
Water watches
the dramas of Evolution,
slow cycles and lightning leaps,
as Flora and Fauna
appear and disappear-
watches Humans
appear and disappear
like Streams above and under ground…
Water watches, watches and awaits
another Great Earth Age-
an Age of Un-Named Forms…

Shelley Wilson
March 18, 2013

May your Spirit shine brightly, Shelley