Searching For Answers


Searching For Answers (my digital music composition)

I walk through clouds
and fog within
coming to where
I’d often been
over and over
then off again
in new directions
in search yet again…
Why can’t I see Them?
I follow faint whiffs
of long forgotten fragrances
worn by Answers long ago
in places I know not where…
I follow ghostly whispers
of words once said…
Haunting echoes of emotions
thought aeons dead
linger in Mystery’s misty air…
Beyond my sight
the Answers call
to search and search
behind Appearance
beneath Circumstance
above Prejudice
open, accepting and grateful
to stand before Them…
Though I reach and reach
They are still not there…
I shall not cease
till Time’s Ever-Present Past
grasps me firmly in the Soul’s clear light
of Recognition and Remembrance
when Answers’ names and truths
will be revealed and known to me at last!!!

Shelley Wilson (May14, 2013)

May your Spirit shine brightly, Shelley