Embracing Change (my digital music composition)

golden leaves fall to the ground
golden deserts-once ancient seas
silent tears to laughter sounds
world powers fall- no more to be
hidden agendas come to light
plagues of fear technologies
forms transform, fast and slow
hidden worlds come into sight
intelligence and awareness grow
deeper waters- higher lands
green leaves bud on future trees
green forests- once desert sands
Time’s illusions fade away
mythologies of guilt and sin
no more an ancient god to please
guidance and wisdom from within
Life is constant change all ways
none can enslave what Spirit frees

Shelley Wilson
August 19, 2013

May your Spirit shine brightly,Shelley


10 thoughts on “Change

  1. Thanks Bev! I would have preferred using a more ‘space age’ font for this one as I did in my youtube video. I think the font is called Nasalization or something like that. Can’t believe this is my 400th post! Feel like I still have a few more things to say before I leave the planet so we’ll see how it all unfolds.


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