Universal Grace


Universal Grace

I could have lived on any cosmic orb,

in any species’ fleshly form,

when I in silent stillness lay,

my life a willing sacrifice…

—I offered it to the ‘fire’ of God’s great Love—

that cleansing, enlightening, enlivening Energy—

that ‘fire’ of God’s great Love.

I could have lived on any alien world,

in any body however strange,

when I in silent stillness heard

the God of all Creation say…


and in the power of those few words

of all-encompassing Oneness

I knew the Peace and Joy of Grace.

May 1995- revised May 2004- Oct 2013

Shelley Wilson

May your Spirit shine brightly,Shelley


4 thoughts on “Universal Grace

  1. Thanks Rob! I actually started keeping a few of my poems in the early 70’s and am in a continual process of revision. Everything needs a professional polish but I do my best to communicate my perceptions in this form of creative writing.


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