Creating and Evolving


Creating and Evolving (my digital music composition)

Creating and evolving,
creating and evolving,
we move so swiftly through our days
on interconnecting trains and planes
of Others’ thoughts and ways to be,
repeating, repeating what we’re told
from our youth to when we’re old…
Religions, Political Systems, Sciences too
tell us what to think and do.
In every Age and place They say
“Our is The Better Way. Ours is The Only Way.”
The Power Elites these all create
compete to rule our Common Fate.
Soon Super Computers will join the act
of telling us how to think and act
in ways ‘Programmers’ deem is ‘Best’
with penalties if we don’t obey
E-Manuals written as Light in air
or suffer death if we so dare
to disagree or question ‘Why?’…
Implants are cost-effective and ‘clean’.
None of that messy Military Scene.
These Gods you don’t disobey and still live…
No Money or Secret Deals to live.
No Scape-goats to offer up and give.
No Mythologies ‘to justify’.
No Theologies ‘to justify’.
No Sacrifice of Another ‘to pay’.
Then, then… Someone will break free
choosing ‘Another Way’ to be
with ‘Another World View’ to see
Who We Are and Why We’re Here
creating and evolving,
creating and evolving…

Shelley Wilson November 17, 2013

May your Spirit shine brightly, Shelley


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