Heart Mined

Heart Mined—

A Little Child At Play

A Little Child At Play (my digital music composition)

In mirrored eyes
grown far older
I see myself
again a little child…
a little child
playing on the rough edge
of the K.L. gold camp…
It’s early morning…
The singing language
of small birds
surrounds me…
Our garden is filled
with fragrant lilacs
and bright masses
of colourful flowers…
The rain has passed
leaving behind small pools
of cool, clear water…
I’m making little mudpies…
little magic mudpies
that feel so divine—
their earth and water atoms
dancing in my hands…
I feel an expanding joy
in the golden morning light…
My heart is wide open…
My eyes are wide open…
I’m aware…aware
within me and above me…
high above me
and all around me
the loving golden light
is everywhere streaming
I am here and there
and everywhere
light at play
and a little child…
a lighthearted little child
playing with light
and earth and water
in golden moments
never truly lost…
Shelley Wilson
January 26, 2014

May your Spirit shine brightly,Shelley


6 thoughts on “Heart Mined

    • Thanks Bev! My friend Cindy says she had a very similar experience as a young child too. She could see herself at play from the perspective of seeing from above her house and trees across the street. Isn’t that wonderful!


  1. Thanks Rob! Delighted you like it and the old photos. I don’t know if this was about the time I had this experience but the pics did seem appropriate for the post. I was born in 1950 so am lucky I have any childhood photos left to share. The K.L. gold camp is Kirkland Lake in Northern Ontario. It had several gold mines producing at the same time for some years. I recall hearing the rock blasts far below us.


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