One Life


One Life (my digital music composition)

You say we live one life.
This may be true of you.
Perhaps it is your only life.
Of that, why should I argue?
Why should I deny your truth?
Perhaps it is your only life.
Yet I have lived before
in this and other lives.
My life’s a Deja Vu.
Endless possibilities
beckon to explore
in this and other lives
where I still live ‘before’
as in my lives ‘to come’
where I still live now too.
Life’s creations grow ever more,
the Multiverse expanding…
Life being and becoming
ever more, ever more…
I, too, am Energy Aware
playing with Space and Time,
growing in understanding
of Glorious Life expanding…
Everything is pure Energy.
Source Energy is what we are-
a Unity in Diversity-
each of us and every Star.
We are co-creating magicians
of disappearing particles
and lightly dancing waves,
appearing solid Life-forms
transcending human graves.
We are Source Energy beings-
some living in castles and caves-
in defensive, rigid beliefs
and fearful imaginings,
in griefs and judgments severe,
our lives controlled through fear.
We are Source Energy beings-
some jumping through Space and Time
between the There and Here,
between the Then and Now,
all part of the Magical Mystery
of the Only Here and Now.
Empowered and free at last,
some live our greatest joys
seeing One Wondrous Life
in countless wondrous forms,
Life’s ever-changing creations
in countless wondrous forms.
Some see choices lived before,
lives of Deja Vu,
and precious possibilities
of other choices too…
endless possibilities
in this and other lives
where we still live ‘before’
as in our lives ‘to come’
where we still live now too.
How do we fully comprehend
the Spirit of who we are?
We are part of All That Is. All Energy. One.
Though we may choose to disagree
about the nature of Life we see,
let Freedom be our guiding Force
on every journey from our Source,
being all that we can be.
Yes, perhaps this is your only life.
Yet I have lived before.

(Shelley Wilson- February 24, 2014)

May your Spirit shine brightly,Shelley


Romantic Love

(Longing For-  my digital music composition)


Romantic Love is a rich vein of undiscovered gold
just beneath searching prospectors’ weary feet.
It’s a hidden cave of ancient scrolls and artifacts
awaiting the wisdom of a peaceful Day.
It’s a buried pyramid of secret mysteries
and celestial other-world treasures.
This Love is an underground stream of water
rising up to fountain-kiss the welcoming air.
It’s a crystal prism transformed by light
into a magical rainbow-wand.
Freely expressed Romantic Love
is a sparkling treasure-chest of jewels—
diamonds, emeralds, sapphires and pearls
in a painting, a poem, a song…
It’s a future spaceship with a mission
to explore new worlds Beyond
where our Love is an advancing wave
upon a cosmic sea of Universal Love…


February 10, 2014


May your Spirit shine brightly,Shelley


Symmetry In Numbers

What Strange Beauty
rests within
where one finds
the sacred Symmetry
that bends the mind
and bows the heart
in reverent wonder…
Here one may feel
divine magic at play…
Harmonic frequencies
and vibrations
and clear as day…
Keys they are-
keys of Life…
Eternal keys
of understanding
structures built
by Life’s divine design…
In pyramids
every step-
every level
godly awareness
and reclaiming
inherent powers
of sentient beings
Here we may see
the ascending
and the descending
to rise again…
The remembering
of our oneness
with everything
This Strange Beauty
awakens in us
the knowing joy
of Life’s divine design
in us
and everywhere…
in us
and everywhere…
In each and every sacred day
this is
the Energy,
the Brilliance,
the Intelligence
of Life
expressing ItSelf
and freely growing
in wondrous play…

(Shelley Wilson—January 31-February 1, 2014)

May your Spirit shine brightly,Shelley