Symmetry In Numbers

What Strange Beauty
rests within
where one finds
the sacred Symmetry
that bends the mind
and bows the heart
in reverent wonder…
Here one may feel
divine magic at play…
Harmonic frequencies
and vibrations
and clear as day…
Keys they are-
keys of Life…
Eternal keys
of understanding
structures built
by Life’s divine design…
In pyramids
every step-
every level
godly awareness
and reclaiming
inherent powers
of sentient beings
Here we may see
the ascending
and the descending
to rise again…
The remembering
of our oneness
with everything
This Strange Beauty
awakens in us
the knowing joy
of Life’s divine design
in us
and everywhere…
in us
and everywhere…
In each and every sacred day
this is
the Energy,
the Brilliance,
the Intelligence
of Life
expressing ItSelf
and freely growing
in wondrous play…

(Shelley Wilson—January 31-February 1, 2014)

May your Spirit shine brightly,Shelley


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