why i understand

why i understand   (my digital music composition)

i have feasted in Palaces of Power

and starved, powerless, In The Streets…

i’ve been exalted in Victory’s Hours

and denigrated in Days of Defeat…

so many Lives, so many Griefs-

so many Lives, so many Beliefs…

i’ve shouted the loud, angry Battle Cry

and used a small, soft Voice to Question Why…

i’ve seen this World through many Views

and acted (sometimes) on Love’s Clear Cues…

sometimes i ignore or attune to my Soul

whispering ‘Only Love’ as the Glorious Goal

(not ‘Stuff or Status’, Wealth or Fame)

as i travel Life’s Journeys and play Life’s Games…

i’ve explored many Values, both Dark and Light,

to find Understanding and gain Insight…

sometimes i Remember, sometimes i Forget

but each Life is precious and none i regret

whether Human or Other- as in Lives yet to be

Creating and Evolving through Love’s Energy…

Shelley Wilson

written October 26, 2014



Still Silence   (my digital music composition)

was Narcissus enchanted

by the Beauty of his Reflection

like Philosophers, Poets, Thinkers even today…

was he deep or shallow as they say…

did Narcissus clearly see

the Wonder and Beauty of God

reflected in Life’s Mirror,

every Atom created by Love…

was Narcissus stuck in vanity

or was he simply enraptured

in A Moment’s Eternity

seeing All Life as being Love…

what say Ye Love…

(With Love, Shelley)

written October 25, 2014

Values (Free Verse)

My Politics (my digital music composition)

Values (Free Verse) do our Moral Values change like Fashions- ‘Cultural Clothing’ we choose to wear, even like Styles and length of hair- or do we pride ourselves in Never Changing from a Fashion of the Past… what Evolves or Stays the Same… what is ‘Better’…what is ‘Best’… do we Kill or Die for Fashions, Moral Values, this ‘Cultural Clothing’ we enforce or choose to wear just to show ‘How Much We Care’… does Politics follow ‘Value Fashions’… what kind of Governments do we wear… are we Open or Closed Societies… are we Commanded or are we Convinced… do our Leaders have their ‘Leaders’… does World Industry Dictate now… (what Leader leads without Its Support) Nothing is Hidden or Secret for long as Lenses of Techno-Transparency become World Values fashioned now… can Politics transcend all ‘ism’s- those Blinders that Limit Our Views as ‘ist’s make the ‘ism’s and ‘ism’s make ‘ist’s… True Believer ‘ist’s (even mostly Silent ‘ist’s) and Zealous ‘ist’s who’ll do dark deeds for the Glory of their Cause- for Rewards and for Applause as they ‘Party’ on, as they party on, speaking the Language of Values translated in so many ways- speaking the Language of Power, weaponed words and deeds for vicious play… yet who in Power will speak and act for Love- Love of All Humanity, an attainable Peace on Earth, and the inherent Spirit of Freedom acknowledging All Humanity’s Rights and Worth… are we limited to ‘self interest’, Blind to Consequence in War, inheriting ever more ‘Fallout’ of Hells we make on Earth… what will we Evolve to See in the histories of Every Nation- in the stories of every year’s news- Violence, Revenge, and Hatred… Stories of ambitious Believers, perceptions distorted, brainwashed ‘Love’ that ever twists the meaning of all that’s Kindness and Compassion… where is Love’s Respect for Human Dignity, Love’s Evolved Reverence for Life, the Sacred Energy of Life Itself… truly ‘we know not what we do’… are there not Other Ways that Righteous Anger and Inner Strength have won the ‘Hoped For Day’… who will stand for a healthy Humanity- for Heal Thy Humanity- Life Free of Global Insanity- as Unbelievers of Any ‘ism’ die cruel deaths or live tortured days in prisons… can we even Envision Life Free of Political Paranoia (spies everywhere, no one to trust, ever threatened and destructive, ‘Superior Power’ at any cost no matter who or what is lost)… can Religions transcend all ‘ism’s- ancient Gods we strive to emulate, Their warring Angels and Demons all- Their ‘World Views’ of ‘Need for Sacrifice’- ‘Need’ to Conquer and Defeat, ‘Need’ for Allies and Pacts and Covenants, Rituals and Vows and Blind Obedience- the Dictatorship of the ‘Divine’… can we take our Dark Glasses and Blinders off and just see through the I’s of Love… can we let go our Gods of Judgment and our Gods of Irrational Wrath… can we cast out Their ‘Hell’ and ‘Torment’ Fears that drown this World in Blood and Tears… will we rise to new directions- up to where there’s no Power Through Fear, no ‘Reward or Punishment’ Fictions- no worship of Persons and ancient Deities to slavishly serve, obey, and seek to please, Capricious Gods and Elitist V.I.P.s who’d ever have us on our knees… can our Allegiance be to Love That Frees from ‘Only Way’ Politics’ and Religions’ Inherited Prejudices and Convictions that drown this World in Blood and Tears- that flood this World with Insane Fears… when will we truly Value Life on Earth, this Little Planet of our birth… can we Accept Unity in Diversity… can we Tolerate Differences Anywhere in this Little Universe… will we Explore New ways of Being, Empowered by Love, the Golden Rule, and All That’s Good in Our Humanity as we traverse the ‘Heavens Above’… once we do, the Heavens will Open… we’ll Understand Love’s Values and we’ll Understand Our Worth. (With Love, Shelley) written October 19, 2014                 May your Spirit shine brightly, Shelley

Fairies In The Moonlight

Fairies In The Moonlight (my digital music composition)

Hush the ever restless mind

and thoughts of things to do.

Quiet the mind. Quiet the heart.

Banish all that burdens you.

Silence the noise of mundane life

and inner chatter too.

Listen. Do you hear them,

the ones heard by so few?

There, beneath the moonlight

amidst the flowers and dew,

the astral fairies gather-

all dressed in every hue.

Ethereal, other-world beings,

yet they laugh and dance and woo

in starry astral realms

and moonlit gardens too.

Hush. Can you now hear them?

Their dance begins anew…

(October 9, 2014)