why i understand

why i understand   (my digital music composition)

i have feasted in Palaces of Power

and starved, powerless, In The Streets…

i’ve been exalted in Victory’s Hours

and denigrated in Days of Defeat…

so many Lives, so many Griefs-

so many Lives, so many Beliefs…

i’ve shouted the loud, angry Battle Cry

and used a small, soft Voice to Question Why…

i’ve seen this World through many Views

and acted (sometimes) on Love’s Clear Cues…

sometimes i ignore or attune to my Soul

whispering ‘Only Love’ as the Glorious Goal

(not ‘Stuff or Status’, Wealth or Fame)

as i travel Life’s Journeys and play Life’s Games…

i’ve explored many Values, both Dark and Light,

to find Understanding and gain Insight…

sometimes i Remember, sometimes i Forget

but each Life is precious and none i regret

whether Human or Other- as in Lives yet to be

Creating and Evolving through Love’s Energy…

Shelley Wilson

written October 26, 2014


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