Love, Only Love


Love Only Love (my digital music composition)

Shall I seek fortune and fame,

then gather great profits to gain

never-enough treasures,

never-enough pleasures,

power to claim and demand

obedience to my command?

I am grown ancient

to these games of life-

insatiable need, insatiable greed,

lives of conquest and strife,

compounding fears, actions insane,

power struggles, aggression, abuse,

childish ambitions that ever use

justified, warped world views…

I am grown ancient

beyond my short years

for I see the High Ways of Heaven

as the fog of Illusion clears.

Now all that matters to me

is Love, only Love, only Love…

My thoughts become liquid and light

and fluid as robins’ songs

streaming in soft, Spring rain…

My words would be pillows

and blankets and sheets

for Time’s other travellers

weary of ever more fear and more pain…

My deeds shall venture forth

with neither harm nor force,

humble and open and kind,

with heart and soul and mind

courageous and true to Love,

the Spirit of Love, only Love,

expressing now freely through me

as I remember my Spirit again…

When all is said and done,

only the Spirit of Love regains

the true essence of who we are,

the true value of who we are,

the true power of who we are-

the glory and wonder of Love…

(Shelley Wilson   April 2015)