Ridicule  (my digital music composition)

Ridicule, the Fear of Ridicule…Look how

Ridicule, that Slave Driver of Humanity,

whips and beats us into silent submissions

with merciless cruelties, betrayals, rejections, deceptions…

That sneering Face appears on countless faces,

male and female, in every land throughout the Ages.

Ridicule, that Enemy of higher perceptions,

new understandings, truths to be told,

scorns and mocks with poisoned laughter to uphold

Planetary Powers, Traditions, Structures of Control…

Ridicule, that proud Servant of Human Insanity,

works tirelessly to keep us ever ‘in our place’,

to keep us obedient and fearful and ‘under control’…

“Keep silent ‘or else’!”

“How dare you question!”

“Who do you think you are?!”

Condemnations. Justifications. Ridicule’s lash.

Warnings and Threats. Alienation. Exile. Death.

Yet there are ever those who ‘see beyond’,

who evolve and explore untamed truths that unfold.

Ever those who choose to be free of Fear.

Do you have the courage, brave heart,

to watch Ridicule approach, yet still go on?

(Shelley Wilson   May 23, 2015)


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