Gray Skies

my digital photo and painting

my digital photo and painting 

Gray Skies

Alone, a gray seagull flies

across the gray-layered skies

to where I stand on this shore-

still, alone, and young no more.

Beyond the gray-watered sea

lie lands hidden in mystery-

gray mountains I cannot climb

and gray mists disappearing Time.

I look far beyond with no fear

as the mists draw ever near

and my soul prepares for flight

back to the great, eternal Light.

Till then, I’m enjoying here

with all I love and hold most dear.

I choose a true poetic view-

freeing everything I do.

I walk this world and the next

through sight and sound and text.

I create each step of my own tracks

or fly upon  seabirds’ backs

to dance the winds of oceans

and celebrate my emotions.

My thoughts dive deep, deep and free-

far beyond what eyes can see.

My thoughts rise high, high and free-

far beyond what eyes can see.

Then, beyond Thought I can go

to where I am Life itself- and


In an instant I am Here-here

watching gray skies slowly clear.


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