Five Fundamental Facts of Life (a photoblended message)




An Alphabet For Indigo Children

I just remembered an alphabet I created some years ago that was buried deep in my posts so I thought I’d do a bit of an archeological dig.


imageAn Alphabet For Indigo Children
A is for awesome. What does awesome look like? Look in a mirror. You are awesome. You are more than what you see. You are a Spirit called Life in a human body. You are part of the Awesome Everything.
B is for being and becoming a creative being who creates and re-creates your life as you grow. Why? Just be-cause.
C is for caring, compassion, and connecting. How do you understand that? Imagine that you are seeing through the eyes and body of those people you have contact with or communicate with. Imagine you are seeing through the eyes of animals, birds, and fish. Imagine you are in plants and trees and rocks. Imagine you are in water, earth, fire, air, and the essence of space beyond this Earth. When you imagine, just let your little…

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Beautiful Angel

image image

My Mother, Dixie Wilson, vacated her physical body in the early morning today. September 25, 2015. Life never dies, only transforms. She was a Space Trekkie and loved the Star Trek series for all the possibilities it opened up to consider. Now she is on a journey to the Singularity of Oneness in the Spacetime Continuum. Godspeed Mom. Love always.

Talking Umbrellas

Splashes of bright colours,

pastels or darker hues,

Umbrellas talk and sing

and whisper secrets too,

causing me to wonder

as I sit and muse.

Some Umbrellas gossip,

some focus on their news

of moving changes, choices,

speaking volumes turned loud

beneath their angry clouds.

Others move in silence,

free of current trending,

seeking answers within.

They move while still within.

So many Umbrellas,

I hear them laugh or cry

drifting and bobbing by

like little boats at sea

with people floating by-

the world turned upside down

as rain pours from the sky.

(So many Umbrellas

look the same, look the same.

I can’t help wonder why.

I dream a world of

wondrous Umbrellas

different and unique,

some familiar, some not,

some with technology

to light up in the dark

so we can clearly see,

to call for help in need

so others too may heed.

Beautiful Umbrellas,

perhaps some might compute

the facts we need ‘en route’

changing coloured patterns

of art enriching views.

Umbrellas talk and sing

and whisper secrets too,

causing me to wonder

as I sit and muse.)


(Shelley Wilson- November 6, 2015)


May your Spirit shine brightly, Shelley