Crazy Humans

We send Greetings to the Universe,
then with the logic of some fools
use weapons and dissecting tools
to show how ‘friendly’ we can be.
We deem sacrifices as sanity,
trading in pain for inhumane gain,
betraying our own Humanity.
Five percent of us now rule our World,
a pyramid of Earthly Power.
Their Fears and Follies become our Wars.
Our worth plummets. Their ‘worth’ soars.
We all entertain ourselves to death.
We do Entertain ourselves to Death-
distracted, addicted, mesmerized by Death.
Our Cults and Religions even celebrate Death,
ancient myths, legends and records of Death-
re-enactments and re-creations-
a continuing Sacrifice of Innocents
and ‘Unbelievers’ and Animals too-
‘Demons’ to kill, ‘Hells’ to overcome,
old and new Enemies- ‘Devils’ all
invited to our great Feast of Blood.
To top it off, we have the gall
to declare Almighty God is ‘pleased’
and requires more recruits in these
theological and psychological,
technological and telepathic
‘War Games’ of unevolved species.
We speak Words of Love but Kill instead.
Controlling Fictions of the ancient past,
Gods of Judgments, of Vengeance and Wrath
still lead us down Destruction’s Paths.
We sacrifice, martyr, and slavishly obey.
Some of us pray and some of us prey.
We speak Words of Peace but Kill instead,
‘justified’ by ancient Gods who did the same
and promised a ‘Heaven’ hereafter to gain-
a ‘Paradise’ of wondrous ‘Rewards’
for Acquisitions by conquering swords.
As modern ‘Consumers’ we understand
‘The Price’ Heaven’s Real Estate commands
and why we negotiate demands
the Old Gods make even here and now.
Of course, everyone pays their ‘dues’
in the Clubs of the ‘Chosen’ and ‘Elect’ too,
valued ‘Members’- so special and so few.
Rich, richer, richest, poor-we do die,
so ‘Merit or Money’, we know how
to buy a ‘Ticket’ to ‘A Better World’.
Well, after all, we’re smart and sane
and we know how to play this Game.
We’ll even boldly use God’s Name,
(you know, that Password Name of Power)
declaring God is ever ‘on our side’
with such reverence and humble pride.
Our prophets and profits serve us well.
(Just how much, we’ll never tell.)
Then, there are those who need no Gods
but those of Scientific Fame.
Their Intelligence, we respect and adore,
Giants of Science who came before.
Opposite Religion, we question all.
Dogmatic? No, no, not at all
though many believe and strongly assert
Intelligent life is mere happenstance.
Design and Function come by chance.
We’re just made up from dust and dirt,
just some chemical interactions
of no significance, here then gone-
the bright, the dull, the weak, the strong.
Natural laws give us no proof or sign
that Life is sacred and divine.
There’s no real evidence to support
an ‘Old Man’ God who’s holding Court
so we ‘reason’ No Energy or Force
or Power of Life can be Sacred Source.
Our Experiments run ‘amuck’.
‘Do No Harm’? Who gives ‘afuck’.
Life is cheap. Let’s take some more
regardless of the Consequence.
Science declares in its defence,
as does Religion (now and before)
our Lofty Goals justify our Means.
Forget our Histories’ horrific scenes.
‘Lest we forget. Lest we forget’…
Now some ask ‘What if Life Itself is God?’
(Yes, I’ll admit, I do stand with those
who find Answers in this Question posed.)
Some deem it Science to evade
what can’t be measured, distilled, or weighed.
Science, too, has its Inquisitions
influencing many decisions.
Taunting Ridicule’s derisions
still work to keep a firm Control.
Warnings unheeded turn to great loss
though Death can never harm the Soul.
None can harm Life’s Spirit here
despite all weaponed tools of Fear
used to feed off Energies of pain-
physical, mental, emotional pain-
repeated again and again and again.
Where is the love? Where is the love?
How often Humans serve to act
like parasites sickening a Host
till all that’s left is but a ghost
memory of health and well being.
What we do to Earth, we do to us too.
The mind and body of our Humanity
cannot thrive in such Insanity.
All Life is connected. We’re all one.
Yes, even despite dark deeds we’ve done.
The Love of Life remains our Hope
to Remember our Spirit through Love-
Humanity healed- Ignorance gone.
The Source of Universes continues on,
Creating and Re-Creating All,
with or without us in this Form.
Our Source needs nothing- requires naught-
commands nothing and demands nothing
from us. That’s all imagined and
handed down like Childhood Stories
(Genesis Myths and Revelations)
from Ancestors of our great Nations
with Translated Interpretations
forming Codes of Conduct and Traditions
to kill and die for to this day.
We make real the Monsters of our Fears.
From early Mankind to Mankind today,
Fear still rules, binds, limits and restricts,
distorts, misinforms, distrusts and constricts.
‘Security’ blankets tighten and borders close.
Freedoms are lost as everyone knows,
but Life is Freedom and so are we-
not bound by this Staged Insanity.
(Shelley Wilson-December 2, 2015)


May your Spirit shine brightly, Shelley


12 thoughts on “Crazy Humans

    • Lol. You’d laugh if you saw all the typos I’ve done with or without my cell phone spelling assistance. The thing about my creative writing is that many times this is done intentionally to express an idea as well. Oh yes, I did assist a worm struggling to ‘get across’ a sidewalk the other day. Lol

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      • Haha… Yes, we all have our shares of typos here. And nice to hear about your worm story, in that sense, making a typo was a good thing, as I got to know about this. 😛 🙂

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