Who We Are…

Derisive voices jeer and taunt,
Just WHO do you think you are?!
The Quiet Voice replies-
You and I, Everyone and Everything,
we are Life and the process of Life.
Do you understand?
LIFE lives in and through us, through all.
LIFE experiences Life through ALL.
We are waves and streams of Consciousness,
you and I, all creatures ‘great’ and ‘small’
no matter where we dwell.
We are ever co-creating our lives.
We are ever united to our Source,
the Source of all, in all, as all,
no matter what our little ‘selves’ think or say or do.
Nothing can ever be separate from All That Is.
We evolve through states of Consciousness
back to full Awareness of Who We Are.
All Matter is Energy, all Energy is Life.
Inert Matter is Life. Latent Energy is Life.
LIFE is the ONE in Many. ONE is All. All ONE.
The WHOLE is greater than the sum of Its parts.
We play our part. The wise are humble.
We are Life’s manifestations and mysteries,
having form and formless, finite and infinite,
both aware and becoming aware,
both knowing and growing to know
the awesome Wonder of Who We Are.
We grow and ‘redefine’ Life for our ‘selves’.
Death is a useful Illusion, a Door to Remembrance.
Ever alive, yet seeming to die,
we co-create our useful Illusions
recycling Energy, recycling Life
as our ever-changing Life-forms
of appearing and disappearing particles.
We are appearing and disappearing ‘Particles’
with collective and personal ‘Stories’
that ripple through our Illusions of ‘Time’.
We are the Universe Aware.
We co-create our Magic Illusions,
our ‘relativities’, ‘polarities’,
our ‘dualities’, our ‘identities’,
our little ‘selves’, forgetful selves.
We explore and map our Being.
We co-create our Realities to explore.
We co-create our ‘truths’ and delusions,
delusions of superiority, prejudices,
‘justifications’ and condemnations,
our perceptions of ‘dark’ and ‘light’,
our beliefs of both ‘wrong’ and ‘right’,
cultural currents of views that carry
Evolving Species to destructive actions,
uncaring inactions, horrific reactions.
We co-create beauty, harmony, and peace
in the Energy flow of nurturing Love,
sustaining Life in simple and complex ways.
The highest Wisdom is always LOVE.
The deepest Understanding is always FREEDOM.
The Magic of Awareness transforms all
landscapes of ‘want’ and ‘need’ and ‘fear’.
In countless forms throughout the Multi-verse,
in every Atom, in every Reality,
in every Bubble of Existence,
in every simultaneous Version of our Beingness,
we are Co-Creators in the Only Now,
creating, recreating, resting in Only Here, Only Now.
Our little selves, our forgetful selves
ever ‘return’ to Awareness and Remembrance,
ever ‘return’ to the Wonder of the One
from our ‘journeys’ of Experience.
As One, we are the Spirit and Essence of LIFE,
formless, infinite Oneness, all-pervading LOVE.
Again and again, again and again,
we choose to forget, to forget and remember,
to forget and remember the One in All,
the expanding Mystery, the deepening Wonder,
the Glory of LIFE in and through All.
You and I, Everyone and Everything Ever.

(Shelley Wilson- January 21, 2016)

May your Spirit shine brightly, Shelley


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