A Call To Arms of Love

Let go your deadly weapons of fear

and all destructive harm they bear.

Free yourself of every belief

that leads to others’ pain and grief.

Disarm your thoughts of prejudice

killing goodwill through injustice.

Rise out of hate’s violent insanity.

You can be the hope of Humanity.

Be loving, kind, gentle, and caring.

Value all lives, freely sharing.

Celebrate Life’s great diversity.

Celebrate Life, expressing unity.

Be You- courageous, free, and strong.

Be the blessings for which you long.

Release ‘Old Stories’. Make your Peace.

If not, your Wars will soon increase.

Gather yourself to the arms of Love

here on Earth and in the Heavens above.


(Shelley Wilson-June 18, 2016)



Be the Hope of Humanity

Is your mind a toxic dump-site
filled with prejudice and hate
or does a sparkling stream of love-light
pervade your mental state?
Does Love, Freedom, Peace and Joy abound
in the country of your heart
or do deadly ‘weapons’ now surround
as they tear your World apart?
Do others choose what you must think?
Are you in violent upheaval or just on the brink?
Choose worthy Values for which you firmly stand.
Humanity’s outer world mirrors its inner ‘land’.
We all co-create the realities we live.
As ‘within’ so it is ‘without’.
Do you harm or heal, grab or give?
What is your own life all about?
Do unseen forces guide your deeds
with fearful thoughts and insatiable needs?
Are you and your Nation now acting out
what others decide your World’s about?
Let go Old Stories, the violent Past
and dictating, wrathful Gods at last.
You can create a Better Today.
Conflict and killing is never The Way.
Love does no harm. Love harms no life.
In Joy your mind creates no strife.
In tyranny no mind or heart is won
because the truth is we’re all one.
In self-mastery no force is ever used,
no selfish ambition, no power abused.
Remember the Spirit of who you are.
Rise to the best of who you are.
A wondrous Being is who you are.
Go within. Find the inner Fountain
with flowing inner sight.
Scale your inner Mountain,
your Spirit’s highest height.
Life reveals there is enough,
and always was, enough of Life’s ‘stuff’
to bless all life on Earth
from the moment of every birth.
Once awakened, you will see
One World is possible if it’s Free,
a great Unity of Diversity,
and the Prime Value is Life Itself.
Peace and Freedom are Life’s true wealth.
Transform your mind to radiant health
by tuning out the clamorous din
and tuning into God’s Presence within.
Let go the clubs of guilt and sin,
oppressive beliefs still imagined
from primitive ages to the primitive now.
Fear not. God’s Love will show you how.
Not with force or laws that bind
but through your peace of heart and mind,
through every action you employ
resonating Love, Freedom, Peace and Joy.

(Shelley Wilson- June 9, 2016)

May your Spirit shine brightly, Shelley