The Red Sari-

My desire in a lifetime.
Delayed by a few.
A thrift store red sari.
So long overdue!

How still the silent night sky clad with shades of gray, moon-charmed with mystic light that fades with break of day. (an excerpt from my poem Winter Night)

Christmas… Christ, Compassion, Charity, Company, Cooking, Carols, Creativity, Crafts, Claus, Consumerism, Credit, Candycanes…hohohahaπŸŽ„πŸŽ¨πŸ™πŸ»βœ¨πŸ˜‰πŸ’•

I stand on the ethereal mountain though I stand on a distant shore. If only the body I leave behind could join me as I soar. (a poem I wrote after I photographed this scene)

Christmas Creations

Glue on our hands
Sparkle dust
in our tea
fun for you and me

Looking up

the Ego

(digital art from a photo taken)

Solitude ‘Sweet and precious Solitude- though many flee in fear, your call to Contemplation is always welcome here. ‘ This is my photo in the forest on Vancouver Island. Canada

‘Into the Light, dear soul, into the Light… Leave all sorrows and burdens behind that weighed so heavy on your mind. Leave all anger, guilt, and shame. Leave all worries, troubles, and pain. Though it appears that we’re apart, you are ever in the heart of those you moved to tears and laughter while on this Earth and long after. (An excerpt of my poem R.I.P. and my digital art

I walk in Showers of Raindrops and Snowflakes who whisper secrets as they gently fall- in Blizzards that blind and freeze with indifference- in fierce Storms that shout with violent fury… (excerpt from my poem Water)

Winter brings the beauty of sparkling snow on trees, shovels and aching muscles, snowbound feelings and S.A.D. expressions on all but a few returned tourists with souvenir tans, adventurous Winter rides always ahead of the plough trucks, cold winds that critique southern clothing styles… lol an excerpt from my poem

Some poems and stories by other writers look a lot like this to me and some people look at mine the same way. Lol