Crayon Spears

Crayon Spears

I will not throw crayon spears at you, declaring my colour or colours ‘superior’ or ’best’. Let’s put that childish idea to rest.
I will not stamp my feet and make loud noise using force to take your ‘toys’, your treasures of ‘stuff’, your sacred anything. Neither will I rob you of respect, dignity, or right to ‘be’.
I will not push you down so I can win some ‘game’ of competition for fortune and fame, so often a gamble with greed and shame.
I will not make you fear ‘Who Rules’ the playground hill. I will not shout ‘Comply or Die’, nor threaten with ever watchful great ‘Eye’. Fear is the domain of less evolved beings. We can do better than that.
I will become wiser, more loving, more kind, more aware, more peaceful and free as I humbly grow into maturity.

Shelley Wilson August 28, 2017

May your Spirit shine brightly, Shelley


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