The Poet’s Chair

The Poet’s Chair

Nature, that wondrous Muse so brilliant and fair,
has formed a poet’s mossy woodland chair.
Leaves like written poems lie silently
upon this once living tree and all around.
Poems can be like leaves torn easily
from the book of an ancient tree
to fall upon an ever-welcoming ground.
Like leaves, they may rise and fly through time
by the power of a benevolent breeze.
Hopeful, I stand in this magical place, amused
to wonder if my old and long-forgotten poetry
may yet be found by a humble, future ‘me’.
My poems are not special or grand or near perfection
but I must express my soul, my mind, my heart
by sculpting language into my art
as ‘souvenirs’ and ‘signposts’ of my evolution.
Sometimes looking back from end to start,
I feel that undying Energy of which I’m a part-
a beingness beyond all language, all words.
In such moments I am silent and serene.
Everything is so much more than it seems.
Then, once more, I am stirred to draw with words
the thoughts about my ever-changing world.
As I stand before this mossy woodland chair
surrounded by the presence of ever-watchful trees,
I memorize this seat of contemplation
so as to take it with me everywhere.
In times of reflection and meditation
you will find me sitting in this poet’s chair.

(Shelley Wilson October 1, 2017)

May your Spirit shine brightly, Shelley





I am in love, in love and in awe of ‘zer0′.
I look through the symbol, the number, the numerical sign. What does it mean? What does it mean to me?
I look within ‘zer0′ and enter in. I circle and spiral within.
I merge my little self in ‘naught’.
I laugh in a natural high of feeling and thought. I am myself and not.
I float in this ‘void’, this ‘womb of creation’, this formless energy, alive,
awake, aware, and in awe.
Still and silent, a mystery, still, yet it moves in singing frequencies
throughout all dimensions, in all directions, everywhere at once, yet
ever here and ever now, a mystery, an infinite mystery.
What is this formless ‘no thing’, this ‘void’, without beginning and end
wherein occur all beginnings and endings?
How is this divine process processing itself, self-generating perpetual power forming and transforming all that is out of its infinite, formless self?
Why is this consciousness, this creator creating constantly changing creations out of its being? Why not?
Ah, the wonder of what I’m seeing. The whole is greater than the sum of all its parts.
I drift in this timeless peace, the space where dark and light emerge,
where values are born, positive and negative numbers, thoughts, feelings, and actions, their evolutions and revolutions, ever returning back to source.
I move in this wondrous energy, this all-pervading force of freedom, boundless, joyous, the essence of life itself. Freedom needing no defence, this is true and divine intelligence. Sublime, profound, glorious, it is intelligence beyond my embryonic understanding. Humble and grateful, I reach for more.
All-embracing love envelops me. Then I laugh again, for even little ‘I’ am ‘zer0′, ‘no thing’, formless and informing energy. Yes, ‘that’, I laugh out loud.

Shelley Wilson (September 16, 2017)

May your Spirit shine brightly, Shelley

Child of the Universe

Child of the Universe

I am a child of the Universe.
I am in the Universe
and the Universe is in me.
I just close my eyes
and swiftly rise above
my little self, now free.
I travel at the speed of thought
through the atmosphere
transcending limitations
and boundaries of fear.
I see my Home, my place of birth,
the swiftly changing planet Earth.
I see my Home, the Universe,
both Challenge and Opportunity
to be all that I can be
in every moment of my lives
lived simultaneously.
Through everywhere I trek and roam,
through every size and shape of form,
I know I’m ever still ‘At Home’.
I am a child of the Universe.

(Shelley Wilson September 13, 2017)

May your Spirit shine brightly, Shelley

Who Are We

Who Are We

I stand in hushed silence,

wrapped in wordless awe and wonder.

Then Bird and Beast declare

the awaited rising of the Sun.

Dawn-dyed misty morning veils

hang o’er spellbound hills and dales

‘till transformed as stronger light prevails.

Now things once hidden come clear to sight.

This is a realm of wonders in which we live.

Everything has whatever meaning we choose to give.

Everything is a message and a sign.

Ever-evolving creations, all things are divine.

Everything everywhere is sacred and divine.

All beings, all bodies, all space…divine.

So, who are we? What is Humanity?

Our bodies are sentient embodiments

of Earth, our Sun, Space, and Stars beyond.

We are the bodies and voices of That,

the Universe, Nature, and Life before,

cells and atoms and so much more

than Earth dust and Star dust. More.

God is Process. Being and Becoming More.

Nothing is separate. Imagine That!

(Shelley Wilson September 3, 2017)

May your Spirit shine brightly, Shelley