Love of Life or World War Three

Love of Life or World War Three

Bombs or blessings, below and above?
For the love of God, where is the LOVE?
For the Love of LIFE, where is the Love
in our Politics, Sciences, and Religions too
when what we say and what we do
seeks to cause harm in deadly pursuits?
Every tree is truly known by its fruits.
Who leads us to peace, who leads us to wars
ever more evil than before?
Some leaders war for their glory and sport,
yet no leader leads without support
empowered by money and militant might
across the spectrums proclaiming their right.
Who lives without conscience, indifferent to pain?
Who profits from War with most to gain?
Who feeds on fear and guilt and shame?
Hurting or healing, what shall it be?
More lies and deceptions or minds set free?
Shall we now choose Love or World War Three?

November 9, 2017
Shelley Wilson

May your Spirit shine brightly, Shelley